Value Lists are used by Settings Templates to specify a list of values to be used during a migration. Value Lists will recognize most multi-line file formats. 

Note: Value Lists can easily be uploaded in a CSV format.

Value List types

The Transformation Suite current utilizes Value Lists in the following operations:

Shard SetsShard Sets are a list of Users that the Transformation Suite can use for writing in Google Drive. To utilize Value Lists for Shard Sets, upload a list of email addresses containing the set of Users you wish to use for sharding writes.
Location Crawl ListLocation Crawl Lists are a list of Locations that restrict the scope of the Scan to the locations present in the list.

Using Shard Sets will drastically increase performance when migrating a large number of documents to a single Google Drive account.

Documents uploaded using Shard accounts will have the Creator set to the shard account. Modified information and Owner will be set to the desired user accounts.

Manage Value Lists

You can manage Value Lists at any time from the Transformation Suite user interface:

  1. Sign into an authorized Transformation Suite administrator account.

  2. Click the Mappings link in the pages navigation tabs.

  3. Manage the Value Lists from the Value Lists list.

Adding Value Lists (from CSV)

  1. Create a mapping sheet with one entry per line and save as a CSV file.

  2. Click the Add button in the Value Lists toolbar.
  3. Name the mapping, select the type, and upload the CSV file.  

  4. Click the Create button.