AppBridge Documentation : Transactions

Transactions are a record of any object that is processed by the Transformation Suite. Scans and Bridges both use Transactions to track the state of an object as it passes through the Action pipeline.

Manage Transactions

Transactions can only be managed through Transaction Logs.

Transaction States

Transactions have the following states:

SuccessThe Transaction was processed successfully.
WarningThe Transaction could not be processed for an expected reason. Warnings can arise from unavoidable API restrictions or due to a specific setting in the Settings Template.
FailureThe Transaction could not be processed for an unexpected reason. Failures can usually be resolved, often by running an incremental execution.
SkippedThe Transaction was skipped for an expected reason. All previously successful Transactions will be skipped during an incremental execution. Skips can also occur if Location Maps or Filters are used to exclude the Transaction from the execution.
QueuedThe Transaction is in the initial work queue waiting to be processed after being read from the source Connection.
ProcessingThe Transaction is actively being transformed by the processing pipeline.
PendingThe Transaction has been processed and is being evaluated for dependencies. Pending is the final state before Success.