AppBridge Documentation : Service agreement and subscription details

After signing into the AppBridge portal, you will be prompted to accept the AppBridge service agreement. You must accept the terms of the service agreement to continue to the AppBridge portal.

Once you have accepted the service agreement, please review the subscription details for accuracy. To review the subscription details, click the License Management link in the AppBridge portal navigation, or enter into your browser address field. 

Subscription details

The License section displays the details of your subscription. The fields are as follows:  

License ExpiryDetails the expiry date of your subscription term.
License TypeDetails the type of subscription you have. Current options are Pro, which is limited to under 100 seats, and Enterprise.
License Category

Details whether the subscription is a trial, or activated for production.

Note: Trial subscriptions cannot be used for production migrations. Trials restrict all objects migrated by 50%.

User LimitThe maximum number of users for the subscription. The limit can be increased by purchasing additional licences for your account. Pricing discounts may be applied to enterprise licences if enough seats are purchased.
Data LimitThe maximum amount of data, in GB, that can be migrated using the subscription
Support TypeThe level of support for your subscription. Enterprise 24/7 support is a premium license add-on which guarantees always online, expedited support.
AppBridge Transformation CloudDetails whether your subscription includes access to the AppBridge Transformation Cloud.

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