Scans are used by the Transformation Suite to compile Connection information into Reports. 

Scan Guides

AppBridge Surveyor supports scanning and discovery on the following systems:

Manage Scans

You can manage Scans at any time from the Transformation Suite user interface:

  1. Sign into an authorized Transformation Suite administrator account.

  2. Click the Reports link in the pages navigation tabs.

  3. Manage Scans from the Connection Reports list.

Adding Scans

Please refer to the section Discover and Report with Surveyor.

General settings

The following general settings are configurable when adding Scans:

Scan ScopeThe Scan Scope is used to limit the sections of the Connection that will be scanned. To modify the Scan Scope, click the explore icon beside the Connection drop down menu. This will open the Connection Tree View and allow you to choose the limited scope.
Crawl RulesSome Scan types have the ability to limit the scope of the Scan based on automated rules. Each Connection type has unique Crawl Rules, so please consult the specific Connection documentation.
Scan PartitionsSome Scan types can be partitioned into multiple Actions that can be distributed across multiple Transformation Servers. For large environments it is recommended to use Scan Partitions.
Location Crawl ListA Value List of Locations that restricts the scope of the Scan to the locations present in the list. Format follows Location Map syntax.

Deleting Scans

  1. Select the checkbox beside each Connection you would like to delete Scans from. 

  2. Click the Delete All Scans button on the Connection Reports toolbar.