AppBridge Documentation : Review features and watch points - Microsoft SharePoint to G Suite Migration

In the review phase of a Microsoft SharePoint to G Suite (formerly Google Apps) migration using Transformer, you will:

Supported Features

Source ObjectTarget ObjectSupportedWatch Points
Site Collection
  • Google Drive Folders
  • Google Sites
YesMigrating SharePoint sites to Google Sites.
Site Collection Permissions

Google Drive Sharing

WebGoogle Drive FolderYes 
Web PermissionsGoogle Drive SharingYes 
PageGoogle Drive FileYes 
Page PermissionsGoogle Drive SharingYes 
NavigationNoneNoNavigation is not possible to preserve due to Google Sites API limitations
Content TypesNoneNoPlease consult the AODocs Connection Add-On documentation for Content Types mapping options
LibraryGoogle Drive FolderYes 
Library PermissionsGoogle Drive SharingYes 
Library FieldsGoogle SheetYes 
DocumentsGoogle Drive FilesYes 
Document VersionsGoogle Drive VersionsYes 
Document PermissionsGoogle Drive SharingYes 
ListGoogle SheetYes 
List ItemsGoogle Sheet RowsYes 
List Item VersionsGoogle Sheet RowsYes 
List Item PermissionsGoogle Drive SharingYes 

Watch Points

Watch pointDescriptionBest Practice

SharePoint Sites

When migrating SharePoint sites, you can map the library content to Google Drive, and Transformer will map the publishing content to a Google Sites hierarchy parallel to the Drive content for that user. Site home pages will appear hierarchically in the site, the data will live in folders in Drive, and we will update web parts to match Gadgets for HTML content, list view web parts, and images. Note that more elaborate web parts may not be supported, and calendar or discussion content will be lost. 
SharePoint Site PermissionsBecause of API limitations, only the permissions for the root site in Google Sites can be preserved. The sub-pages will all inherit their permissions from the root site. 
Link correction - non Google-native filesLink correction within non Google-native files is not supported.

Transformer maintains a link correction dictionary for all objects migrated, which can be exported from the software. This dictionary can be used post-migration to identify and repair broken links.

AppBridge will be releasing a limited non Google-native file link correction feature in an upcoming build. Please contact if you have any questions about this feature.

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