AppBridge Documentation : Review features and watch points - File Share to G Suite Migration

In the review phase of a G Suite (formerly Google Apps) migration using Transformer, you will:

Supported Features

FeatureTarget ObjectSupportedWatch Points
Folder MetadataFolder MetadataYesModified date and modified user metadata is preserved.
Folder HierarchyFolder HierarchyYes 


File MetadataFile MetadataYesModified date and modified user metadata is preserved.
Folder ACLsGoogle SharingYes 
File ACLsGoogle SharingYes 
SID ACLsGoogle SharingYesSID ACLs correspond to identities that can only be resolved by their SID. To properly migrate, the SID for each user must be mapped using a User Map.
External ACLsGoogle SharingYesExternal ACLs
File VersionsGoogle VersionsYesFile Versions

Watch Points

Watch pointDescriptionBest Practice
External ACLsExternal users or groups with a Google account can be resolved and added during migration. External users or groups without a Google Account require an email to be sent with a custom access link at migration time.Turning on external ACL migration during the final incremental migration decreases the amount of time external users have access to migrated files before go-live.

File Versions

File shares do not have versioning capabilities, but files are often stored sibling to each other with naming conventions used to differentiate versions.The Transformation Suite supports regular expressions to analyze file names, and automatically collapse files that match the pattern into a version history in Google Drive.
Link correction - non Google-native filesLink correction within non Google-native files is not supported.

Transformer maintains a link correction dictionary for all objects migrated, which can be exported from the software. This dictionary can be used post-migration to identify and repair broken links.

AppBridge will be releasing a limited non Google-native file link correction feature in an upcoming build. Please contact if you have any questions about this feature.


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