AppBridge Documentation : Review features and watch points - Citrix ShareFile to G Suite Migration

In the review phase of a ShareFile migration using Transformer, you will:

Supported Features

FeatureTarget ObjectSupportedWatch Points
RevisionsRevisionsYesRevisions are part of the default but can be very hard on the source API. Users should carefully consider how important they are to retain, as they will impact timelines more significantly than most connectors.
PermissionsGoogle SharingYes

Watch Points

Watch pointDescriptionBest Practice
Link correction - non Google-native filesLink correction within non Google-native files is not supported.

Transformer maintains a link correction dictionary for all objects migrated, which can be exported from the software. This dictionary can be used post-migration to identify and repair broken links.

AppBridge will be releasing a limited non Google-native file link correction feature in an upcoming build. Please contact if you have any questions about this feature.


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