AppBridge Documentation : Manage team members

Once you have activated your subscription, you can easily add additional users to your team.

Team roles

Each user on your team must be assigned one of the following roles:

  • Global Administrator
  • Customer Team Administrator
  • User

These roles have the following rights:

RightsGlobal AdminCustomer Team AdminUser
Sign in to the AppBridge portalxxx
Download the AppBridge Transformation Suitexxx
Install and configure the installationxx
Manage the Customer Teams of the current Teamxx 
Manage the current Team and the Customer Teams of the Current Teamx

Managing Teams

To begin adding additional users, click the Manage Teams link in the AppBridge portal navigation, or enter into your browser address field. 

Adding team members

  1. Click the Add button on the Team members toolbar. The Add Member dialog will open.
  2. Input the email address of the User in the email field.

  3. After you have created a user, you can click the Edit icon to grant the user Global Administrator or Customer Team Administrator credentials.

Removing team members

To remove a user from your team, select the checkbox beside their user name, and click the Delete icon.


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