AppBridge Documentation : Key concepts

This section contains reference documentation for major elements of the Transformation Suite. 

Topics in this section

ActionsActions are the name for transformation tasks which run within the Transformation Suite.
ConnectionsConnections are used by the Transformation Suite to read or write data to a source or target system. 
Tree ViewThe Tree View is used to explore Connections and set Connection Scopes.
ScansScans are used by the Transformation Suite to compile Connection information into Reports. 
BridgesBridges are used by the Transformation Suite to migrate data from source Connections to target Connections.
Settings TemplatesSettings Templates are used by Bridges to apply settings and configure migrations between two Connections. 
Value MapsValue Maps are used by Conversion Maps to transform source object attributes to new values during migration.
Value ListsValue Lists are used by Conversion Maps to specify a list of values to be used during a migration.
Service Host LogLogs are records of operations within the Transformation Suite
Transformation ServersTransformation Servers either have the AppBridge Transformation Platform or AppBridge Transformation Node software installed.
PlansPlans are created when Actions are scheduled to be run at a later date.
TransactionsTransactions are a record of any object that is processed by the Transformation Suite.