AppBridge Documentation : Connector Add-ons

The Connector Add-on Framework provides added functionality for certain types of connections. The Connections tab will show your available Add-ons in a separate list. When you add one, you'll be asked if you want to associate it with existing connections.

Available Add-ons

Add-on TypeDescription

Active Directory Add-on

The Active Directory (AD) add-on will work with File System Connections. Currently, it enhances reporting so that the permissions by objects reports can show you the effective permissions of files, expanding things like AD groups.

AODocs Add-on

AODocs is a popular add-on for G Suite that adds Enterprise Document Management functionality on top of Google Drive. The AODocs connector allows you to enable AODocs features as part of your migration to Google.

Folders either targeted at the Drive root in the tree or targeted there via Location Mapping, will become either AODocs "Team Folders" or AODocs "Secured Folders," depending on the setting chosen in the Settings Template.


The AODocs Add-on requires a security code from AODocs and the email of an AODocs admin in the domain.


Refer to the Add-on watch points prior to using an Add-on.

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