AppBridge Documentation : Configuration - Connection Add-ons and Watch Points

The Connector Add-on Framework provides added functionality for certain types of connections. The Connections tab will show your available Add-ons in a separate list. When you add one, you'll be asked if you want to associate it with existing connections.

Available Add-ons

Add-on TypeDescription
Active Directory Add-onThe Active Directory (AD) Add-on will work with File System Connections. Currently, it enhances reporting so that the Permissions by Object reports can show you the effective permissions of files. For example, enhancing the information your can see about AD groups.

Creating an Add-on

If you would like to use an Add-on, browse to the Connections tab in the AppBridge Dashboard and click "Add" in the Connection Add-ons.

You'll be asked to type in a name for your new Add-on, and you'll need to select the type of Add-on and the AppBridge Platform server where the Add-on will be available.

After you've selected the type of Add-on, you'll be asked for configuration and security settings for that specific type of Add-on.

For example, for an Active Directory Add-on, you'll be asked for the Directory Path for the Active Directory domain and the credentials to connect to that domain, but for an AODocs Add-on, you'll need security code from AODocs and the email of an AODocs admin in the domain.

Associate an Add-on with a Connection

Once you have created a connector Add-on, you'll be asked if you'd like to associate it with an existing Connection.

If you have not yet created the desired connection, you can skip this step and either associate the Add-on with the Connection when you create the Connection, or you can create the Connection and then edit it later to associate the Add-on.