AppBridge Documentation : Configuration - Associating Node servers

Additional Transformation Servers can be associated with the Platform to increase performance. Transformation Servers can be used in two ways:

  1. Action Node: A server that can run Actions. The AppBridge Transformation Platform can run Actions.
  2. Connection Node: A server that functions as a Connection gateway. For example, in a secure (e.g., DMZ) network environment, the connection node may be the only machine able to connect to the source, target or both.

Node servers must be associated with the Platform server before they can be used for Actions. If you are not sure whether you need to configure additional Node servers, please consult the Installation - Preparation documentation.


You must install the AppBridge Transformation Node software on any servers you wish to associate with your Platform server:

Associating Node servers 

  1. Click the Add button on the Servers toolbar. 

  2. Configure each of the following settings:

    NameThe desired name for the server in the Platform
    UrlThe URL of the Node server. This can be the IP address of the server, the hostname, or the full URL in format: http://<node ip or hostname>:<host port>
    Access KeyThe access key configured during the

    Installation - Transformation Node (Windows) section

    Node Role
    • ActionNode: This Node server can run full transformation tasks like scans and bridges
    • ConnectionNode: This Node server is a gateway to another network, and can only be used for Connection

  3. Click the Add button to associate this Node server.

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