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The AppBridge Transformation Suite (ATS) includes a set of enterprise grade migration and reporting solutions. Please proceed to the Getting Started section if this is your first time using the software.

Getting Started

The Getting Started section contains useful instructions on how to activate, setup, and configure your AppBridge Transformation Suite environment. 

AppBridge Surveyor

The Discover and Report with Surveyor section explains how to use the scanning, discovery, and reporting functionality of AppBridge Surveyor. There are dedicated guides to scanning each of the following systems:


AppBridge Transformer

The Migrate with Transformer section explains how to use the mapping and migration functionality of AppBridge Transformer. There are dedicated guides for the following migration types:


Troubleshooting and support

The troubleshooting and support section contains useful links and references to help with issues encountered when using the AppBridge Transformation Suite. Please contact AppBridge support if you encounter an issue which is not covered in this documentation.


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