The Active Directory (AD) Add-on will work with File System Connections. Currently, it enhances reporting so that the Permissions by Object report can show you the effective permissions of files. For example, AD groups can be expanded.

Creating an Active Directory Add-on

Follow the instructions for Creating a Connector Add-on to start the process of using an Active Directory Add-on. 

For an Active Directory Add-on, you'll be asked for the Directory Path for the Active Directory domain and the credentials to connect to that domain. The directory path is the Active Directory name or an LDAP path. You can use a name such as or you can do something more complicated like DC=internal,DC=company,DC=com. The username is in the format "domain\username."

Associating the Add-on with a Connection

To use your Add-on with a Connection, follow the instructions for Associating an Add-on with a Connection. After the Add-on has been associated with a Connection, you can then use that Connection in a Bridge and the Add-on will be available.