The AppBridge Migration Platform can connect via a WebDAV interface. In order to establish a connection between the ATS Platform and the data repository, all source locations must be made visible to the Platform server.

Note: WebDAV connections can be set up on locations not accessible to the ATS Platform or not configured to be externally visible by installing a connection node on a server in the remote network and associating it with the Migration Platform.


1. A user account with full control rights across the entire data repository

2. A UNC path to the data repository
3. Granting the ATS Platform Data repository access (via networking rules or by installing a connection node)
4. Admin access to the AppBridge Transformation Suite and selected transformation project

Note: The WebDAV connection does not support migrating permissions.


 Add Connection (WebDAV) 

  1. Login to the AppBridge Transformation Suite and navigate to the Connections menu.

  2. Click the Add button and select the WebDAV connection type. 

  3. Input the access path to the WebDAV repository.

  4. Input the required credentials and associate the account with the connection.

  5.  Click the "Add Connection" button in the Create Connection menu.


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