A Dropbox connection can be configured for an admin or regular user. An admin account will allow content to be directed from across the entire Dropbox environment, where a regular user connection will grant visibility and control over only that user's content. Both connection types are configured in the same way and require the user to grant the ATS platform API access by logging into their account while creating a connection.



1. A Dropbox administrator or regular Dropbox user account

2. Ability to Grant the ATS access rights
3. Administrator access to the AppBridge Transformation Suite and selected Transformation Project

Add Connection (admin and regular user)

  1. Login to the AppBridge Transformation Suite and navigate to the Connections menu.

  2. Click the Add button and select the Dropbox or Dropbox Admin connection type. 

  3. Select an existing Dropbox account or create a new account by clicking the No button in the user selection field and clicking Connect.

  4. You will be automatically directed to a Dropbox Login screen. Login to the desired account to grant the ATS access to the environment. 

  5.  Click the Add Connection button in the Create Connection menu.

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