Actions are the name for transformation tasks which are executed within the Transformation Suite.

Action States

Actions have the following states:

StateAnimatedStatus TextDescription
ReadyNoReadyThe Action is created and ready to be executed.
StartingYesStartingThe Action is establishing communication with all services that are required to execute.
CrawlingYesComplete Transactions / Total TransactionsThe Bridge is still discovering source Connection objects.
Crawl CompleteYesComplete Transactions / Total TransactionsThe Bridge is still executing, but all source Connection objects have been discovered. The Total Transactions number will stop increasing in this state.
CompleteNoCompleteThe Bridge has completed execution.
CancelledNoCancelledThe Bridge was cancelled.

Action Queue

When an Action is executed, it is immediately placed into the Action Queue. 

The Action Queue is displayed in two places:  

  1. The Action Viewer: Visible at the bottom right hand corner of the AppBridge Transformation Suite user interface.
  2. The Action ribbon: Visible at the top of the Bridges and Scans toolbars when Bridges or Scans have been queued.

The Action Queue is ordered, and the Action at the front of the queue will automatically be started when a transformation server with sufficient resources becomes available.

Action Cost

Each Action has an Action Cost, which represents the computational cost of executing that Action. When an Action is started, the AppBridge Transformation Suite compares the cost of that Action to the available Transformation Servers in the load balancer, and will schedule that Action if a transformation server has sufficient resources available. The following table details the cost of Actions:

Execute Scan0.5
Execute Bridge1

Action Viewer

The Action Viewer lives in the bottom right of the Transformation Suite user interface, and expands when clicked. The Action Viewer tracks all Actions that are executing or queued in the Action Queue.