AppBridge Documentation : Add Connection - Exchange (Office 365)

Note: If you are not using the Office 365 edition of Microsoft Exchange, please consult the Add Connection - Exchange documentation.

An Exchange Online (Office 365) connection is accessed via a URL and authenticated by an Office 365 administrator account with full access and control rights over the entire scope of the data to be scanned/migrated. 



1. An Office 365 administrator account with full control rights across the entire Exchange Environment and the following special permissions assigned:

  • ApplicationImpersonation
  • Mailbox Search & MailboxSearchApplication
  • View-Only Configuration & View-Only Recipients
2. The URL of the source Exchange access client
3. Administrator access to the AppBridge Transformation Suite and selected transformation project

Add Connection

  1. Sign into the AppBridge Transformation Suite and navigate to the Connections menu.

  2. Click the Add button and select the Exchange connection type. 

  3. Select the Office 365 Exchange version.

  4. Find the EWS URL for your Office 365 environment. 

    To find the EWS URL for Office 365, please follow these steps:

    1. Navigate to "My app settings" under the gear icon at the top of the navigation bar in Office 365, and click the Mail link.

    2. Under the Mail heading in the left navigation, expand the Accounts heading. Under Accounts, click the POP and IMAP entry.

    3. Copy the Server name value under the POP setting entry. 
    4. Insert the Server name value into the following string: https://<Server name>/EWS/Exchange.asmx

    The default URL for Office 365 EWS is

  5. Enter the EWS URL in the Exchange Address field.

  6. Select an existing Office 365 admin account or input an admin account's username and password, and click the "Connect" button.

  7.  Click the "Add Connection" button in the Create Connection menu.

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