AppBridge Documentation : Add Connection - G Suite (Google Apps)

A G Suite (formerly Google Apps) connection is used when content is being directed to or from a single G Suite account, instead of an Organizational Unit or entire domain. The G Suite connection type is far simpler to configure, however there is a slight degradation in migration performance compared to the Google Admin connection type when migrating large volumes of data.



1. A G Suite Account in the source/target domain

2. Administrator access to the AppBridge Transformation Suite and selected Transformation Project

Add Connection

  1. Login to the AppBridge Transformation Suite and navigate to the Connections menu.

  2. Click the Add button and select the G Suite connection type. 

  3. Select an existing G Suite account or create a new account by clicking the "Connect" button.

  4. You will be automatically directed to a Google Login screen.  Login to the desired Google account or select the desired account from the list of available accounts.

  5. Grant the ATS application permission to access to the listed G Suite services by clicking the "Allow" button.

  6.  Click the "Add Connection" button in the Create Connection menu.

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