AppBridge Documentation : Installation - Transformation Platform (Windows)

The AppBridge Transformation Platform is the only required installation in the AppBridge Transformation Suite, and provides the control mechanisms for all other elements of the deployment. 


The AppBridge Transformation Platform relies on the following prerequisites:

  • .NET 4.5 or later (Installed via Windows feature)

Download and install

  1. Sign into the AppBridge Account Portal at

  2. Click the “Download” button in the top toolbar.

  3. Download the latest AppBridge Transformation Platform installer.

  4. Run the installer as an administrator.

  5. Accept the AppBridge Service Agreement and click the Next button.

  6. Proceed through the standard installer steps, until reaching the component selection screen:

  7. In the component selection, choose the elements of the AppBridge framework to be installed:

    AppBridge Transformation PlatformThe core services for the AppBridge platform. This component must be installed to run scans and migrations from the machine.
    AppBridge Management UIA windows system tray application that monitors the state of the AppBridge services, and allows control over them if run as administrator. This component is optional but highly recommended.
  8. After selecting the components to install, continue until you reach the port selection screen. The AppBridge Transformation Suite will host the user interface on the port selected in this screen, and the installer will automatically open the firewall. The default port is 5131 but you can change it if you wish.

  9. Continue to the end of the installation. Once the installation is complete, click the check boxes to specify which programs to launch upon completion of the setup.

  10. Click Finish to exit Setup.

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